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Magisto Video Editor - Maker 3.10.7995
Magisto Video Editor & Maker 3.10.7995



EW! Magisto will SURPRISE you with beautiful movies automatically created from your videos and photos. (Dont worry - you can always disable this feature under settings and movies are private until youre ready to share em.)

“Photo Movies”! Create sensational movies using as little as 5 photos.
Imagine a personal photo editor combined with your own video editor, available 24/7 to transform your photos into movie masterpieces, in minutes! The easiest way to turn plain pictures into captivating stories.

You dont have to be a video or photo editor or know anything about video or photo editing at all. Magisto will analyze your video and photos and splice it together for you, creating a professional looking movie—an edit that youll be proud to share with your friends.

“Who needs Instagram when you have Magisto? Ill take fully auto edited movies every time!”
"Awesome themes! Shared the coolest football video!"
“Easier to make and share video than youd ever imagine!”
“Loving it! Magisto is great for making some of the funniest videos ever!”
“My family and friends love seeing the videos Im making & sharing”
“Creates longer and more beautiful videos than Vine…”
“Use existing video & photos and watch them come together in a smooth masterpiece."
“Awesome app – it compiles your movies for free, and the end result is great for sharing!”
“Best video editing app in the history of video editing! Awesome and auto!”
"Sharing movies is so simple!"
"With the World Cup video editing style I turned videos and photos into unreal World Cup movies!"
"Best video editor and video maker of all time!"

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